PDS MAP-A-PLANET allows you to select your preferred level of customization. Depending on your selection below, you will have different options available to you for creating your customized map.

Please note that PDS MAP-A-PLANET now uses the newly updated USGS black and white Mars Mosaicked Digital Image Model (MDIM 2).

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Click on one of the buttons below to select level of customization:
Easy Version Button CLICKABLE MAP - This is an easy level that will allow you to create a map 256 lines by 256 samples in size, with a resolution of 64 pixels per degree. Your map will be created in a JPEG format with a sinusoidal projection. You need only click on the Mars map to select your area of interest.
Intermediate Version Button CLICKABLE MAP WITH ADVANCED OPTIONS - This is an intermediate level that will allow you to create a custom map. You will be able to specify your own map size, resolution, and projection. You will specify a data set and click on the Mars map to select your area of interest.
Advanced Version Button FORMS BASED - This is an advanced level that will allow you the greatest flexibility in creating your custom map. You will select your area of interest by entering numerical values for the center latitude and longitude of the map you wish to create.

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