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MapMaker is PDS software that gives easy access to Digital Image Map (DIM) products. Many DIM products are laid out in a tiling scheme as follows:

Because of the large size of some of our data sets, they are broken up into a series of tiles that make up the whole area of the planet represented. These tiles are often archived on multiple CDs. This can present a problem, however, as points of interest often lie between tile or CD boundaries, making them difficult to view.

MapMaker solves this problem by making tailored maps according to the users specifications. A user gives MapMaker information about latitude and longitude limits, scale, etc, and Map Maker creates the map out of the tiles, making a single continuous image across the boundaries:

MapMaker Features:

Nearest neighbor resampling.

Scale given as deg/pixel or km/pixel so Map Maker can choose optimum tiles to use.

Output formats supported:
          -Unlabeled RAW
Output map projections supported:
          -Simple Cylindrical
          -Sinusoidal Equal-Area
          -Equidistant Cylindrical
Operating environments:
          -UNIX/Sun running under Solaris.

Map Maker is currently being used by applications such as PDS Map-A-Planet.

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